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OK, I know how to physicly replace the RAM. My question is does RAM have any kind of driver, or is it some thing that the computer just automaticaly recognizes and uses it? Is there any thing special you have to do after replacing RAM or is it just a swap and forget about it?
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  1. Ram does not have any kind of driver to get it to work. However make sure that the voltage of your new ram is the same as the old stuff. The standard is 1.8 volts. if your new ram requires a higher voltage, you will need to set the voltage right in your bios so you can get the timings you want.
  2. No drivers. Just make sure you know what type your replacing. DDR 184pin, DDR2 240 pin etc, then get the right speed, DDR2 800 mhz (PC 6400) is the most comon. Unless your PC is over 2 years old then you probably have DDR 400 mhz (PC3200).
  3. no driver needed
    but you should know what are the ram type you are replacing
    the fsb voltage timing
    but in general if you replacing a 1gig 800mhz ram or adding another one check if the new one match its speed or
  4. What I know of the RAM I have now, is that it is 2 stick of 256 = a total of 512 DDR SDRAM. I also know my Mobo's user manual states that it uses 184 pin 2.6v & supports DDR 400/333/266 memory banks. How would I check my BIOS to tell what volt I am running now and change it if I have to? How would I change it to the setting I need to operate properly?

    I was thinking of getting 3 or 4 sticks of these to replace what I have.

    Corsair Value Select 512MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz CL2.5
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