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I'm having a very annoying issue. I just built my gaming rig, fairly powerful (Quad 2.66, HD 4870.) Either way, I can run TF2 flawlessly. The game was working great on my old CRT monitor and it looked good, everything. The computer CPU temp didn't go over 45 degrees celsius in a one hour Prime95 torture test.

Now, I'm having a problem on TF2 with my LCD screen. I get flickering where my screen goes black completely sometimes up to 10 seconds. Auto adjust does not fix it. The refresh rate is on 60 hertz. I just don't know how to fix it, and it's making the game unplayable. I don't think it is my GPU heating up, because it ran the Crysis demo fine for an hour on the CRT monitor, plus I did good on the Prime95 torture test. So this leads me to believe it is the monitor, and I'm left clueless on what to do. I really need help, any thoughts?

I tried running HL2, and I didn't get any problems.
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  1. Is the monitor a DB9 connection or a DVI connection?
  2. The monitor is VGA, plugged into a thing that converts it to DVI so it fits in the GPU slot.
  3. Did you try turning vsync off ?
  4. Vsync isn't on.
  5. I think I know what it is. I only have the flickering in TF2 when I have motion blur enabled. So this HAS to be a problem with my LCD right? Could motion blur making the refresh rates really hard for the 75 hertz monitor to run?
  6. I have like 100fps. I still think it has to do with motion blur because when it's off I don't have any flickering.
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