Ati 4850 vapor x edtion overclock tools

hi guyz!!

well i am searchng for the whole week for overclocking tool for my 4850.
i'd try to install rivatuner and ati tool or either ati tray tool!!
same problem

''driver not compatible'' or kernel not seem to be working

i'ver heard about msi afterburner oc tool

i was wondering if it's working for my 4850..

any idea?

and can i resolve thoe problems why i cant use rivatuner or ati tool??
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  1. Why not just overclock your 4850 from Catalyst Control Center? I use it for to oc my 4890 with no issues or problems.
  2. i did it,, but not enough for me

    700 gpu clock and 1140 mmry clock are too low!!

    i want to get 725 or 750 gpu clock

    but i cant overpass the wall

    i use msi afterburner but cant pass over 700
  3. Mines stock at 625/1986, makes me curious do you see much difference when OCing? Im pretty happy with the performance of the 4850, seems to run better than my old 8800GT
  4. yeah benchmarking let me know how much i proved my oc!!

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