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Little confused here... in the manual it says I MUST connect the 8 pin ATX power blah blah blah, yet, it comes shipped with a blockoff plate letting you only plug in a 4 pin. I can remove the plate, but, will I damage anything by connecting the 8 pin or am I only supposed to use the 4 pin.
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  1. The cover is so that people won't be confused when they only have a 4-pin CPU cable. If you have an 8-pin CPU cable, then remove the cover and plug it in.
  2. That makes sense... i do have the 8 pin and plugged it in and we're good to go.
    Btw, nice name, Laing ;)
  3. Actually my first name is Ghislain, but it was already taken.
  4. I also have the same question, but thanks to reading your reply I'm less confused. however, my power supply has both cables available - is there any benefit?
  5. The 8-pin connector was introduced to feed the more power hungry multi-core CPU's, especially quads.
    If you're PSU and motherboard has an 8-pin connector, just plug it in.
    It mostly comes in two ways on the PSU. Some have both a separate 4 and 8-pin connector. Others have a 4+4-pin connector, so you accomodate both types with only one cable.
  6. Thanks Nils. Indeed my PSU has both a 4 and and 8. Its a modular PSU fyi. If I compare the pin on the 4 and the 8, both the wire colors and the shapes of the individual plug holes line up and match perfectly. My vendor thought I was plugging one of the Modular cables into the Mobo... took a while to convince him I'm dumb, but not stupid. Once he was convinced there was both an 8 and a 4 pin molex, he became unsure of which to use. I then spoke to the manufacturer and got the exact info you gave which is either works, but the Mobo takes advantage of individual power channels if available. (It took a 30 minute hold time on the tele to get this). I just tie wrapped the 4 pin out of the way, plugged in the 8 and it worked great!

    Thank you.
  7. No problem

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  8. I just bought that mother board on the weekend and the psu has 2 four pin cpu connectors for the mobo but the second one dosent seem to be the same configuration as what is need to be to plug in and the 1st cpu power cable dosent stay in a dont know if its being blocked by my coolmaster scout or what the case is.

    if anyone could please help me with this is would be much appreciated
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