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Hello,My Bios version AO6 LOST (does not Show any of my primary IDE settings-Make or model number ) can I put them in Manually,system will not boot up windows XP home
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  1. Unless you have a very old IDE hard drive, you probably can't and should not try to enter parameters manually. But there are two techniques you can try. Simplest is to ensure on the main IDE HDD configuration screen that the port is Enabled and set to Auto-detect the HDD attached. If that does not work, sometimes you can force it. Usually from the main menu there is a different screen you can reach that will Auto-detect any hard drive(s) attached and figure out their settings. On some occasions this system will offer you a choice of more than one setting collection, so you need to exercise some judgment. Once that is done you go back to the first HDD configuration screen and check that it is showing now.

    If neither of these works you likely have a hardware problem. The HDD may be faulty, the cables (data or power supply) may have trouble, the mobo port itself may have failed. Check to be sure you have the jumpers set correctly for the drive. If it is the only unit on the ribbon cable it MUST be set to Master. Some have different jumper settings for Master with No Slave, and Master with Slave Present. It should be plugged into the END connector of the ribbon cable. IF you have a second device on that same port / cable, make sure it is jumpered as a Slave and connected in the middle of the cable.
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