ASUS 4870 at 60C when ideal and 100% Fan speed

Hi Guys,

I was wonderign what can i do to lower my GPU temperature.
I have the ASUS 4870 and at 100% fan speed, it is at 55-60C.
My CPU is 2.2 Quad phenom and have the Corsair 650W PSU. I leave my computer tower open as well to get more air flow going. Is it too hight to have an idle temperature of 60C (most of the time) when no load is being imposed on the GPU and when no special cooling system is installed, purely using the fan on the GPU?

Thank you very much for your help!!!
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  1. Thats the thing, i saw videos of 100
    % fans on the 4870 and they do sounds very loud. Mine doesnt at 100. Could it be a bad driver installed?
  2. How have you set the fan to 100%? Download GPU-Z and find out what is really going on.
  3. Hi,

    First of all, i am running windows Vista 32 bit. And every time i boot my computer it tells me that ATI Catalyst is not being supported but i can still open it. I have to switch to advance mode every time. I instaleld the drivers along with the ATI Catalyst so i am not sure if everything is being supported properly. I did choose to download the 32 bit VIsta version (the one i have).

    I went t ATI Overdrive under the Catalyst and unlocked it.
    Left GPU at 750 and Memory clock at 900.
    With my case wide open the temperature is 55C

    I then used ATI EXPERTool to set the fan to 100% and when i go to GPU-Z it tells me its running at 100% but at 2600 RPM. AFAIK, 100% should be around 4000RPM.

    Also, when i am not playing any games, i want to make the graphics card to be as quiet as possible. Is there a way i can set to to such a lot level of activity just to be able to write in WORD or something so i wont even hear the fan even a bit and the temperature would be very low? (I wouldnt care to have extremely low performance when using WORD as long as it will be super quite).

    So why would it say 100% fan but not full RPM?

    Thank you very much.
    P.S. how can i upload images here?

    Thank you very much!!!!
  4. I use rivatuner to set my fan speeds, and it works pretty well.
  5. Yeah, use ATITool 0.27 Beta 3 or RivaTuner v2.11 to set fan speeds.

    Go into add remove programs and uninstall CCC, it's flaky pig crap IMO.
  6. Same thing, they all show 100% at 2600 RPM. And tried reinstalling drivers. Nothing helps
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