GA-EG43M-S2H (Rev1.0/Bios Version F7A)


Mugged myself whilst updating my PC (damn impulse eBay buys)
As thread title suggests, I have a G43 chipset board, which is perfect in every way except for the PCI-E graphic slot.
Why oh why did they have to use a x16 slot which only runs at x4 speed????
I now have a 4870 which is barely able to run COD4 :cry:

Is there anyway I can get the slot running at full speed, or shall I just change the board?? (again)... I have a choice between the ASUS P5xxx or an ASRock G43 Twin, but I would much rather keep the Gigabyte, as it is perfect in every other way.
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  1. I read the Intel design docs for the G43 series, and it looks like the chip itself isn't limited to x4 - must have to do with GB's implementation; they have other boards where the PCIe slots are either limited to x8, or switch to x8 if you use both slots. Have never seen a MOBO with these limitations at release get it 'cured' by a later BIOS - sorry...

  2. i have the same problem but, it is not runing on pci-e 2.0 4x , it is running on pci-e 1 which is worse than u think. :fou:
  3. Thanks for the replies. Sorry to hear of your x1 bottleneck.
    Swapping the board out today for a shiny new Asus P5Q-EM
    Anyone interested in a GA-EG43M???
    It's a good board, if you don't care for gaming.
    Built in HDMI display and full of features.
    Check out eBay soon. Could be one going cheap. :lol:
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