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What can I do to fix the problem of trying to install Win XP, when ever I get to where SETUP IS STARTING WINDOWS it stays frozen I have tried everything I know which is not very much,any help would be very much appreciated,or if you can advice me on what software to purchase to fix this problem,by the way I am trying to install this on a SATA 640 gig HDD, thank you!!.
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    try booting from your cd/dvd drive with the windows disk in the drive, instead of booting from the hard-drive. see what happens. you just gotta change the boot priority probably in your bios from "hardrice" to "cd/dvd drive" . some PC's, you can hit an F key during initial boot to change the settings.
  2. OH dont forget, if everything works, to change the BOOT sequence back to Hard-drive once your install is complete.
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