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i jsut got this card today poper it ina nd it works great except the core clock is worng its a 4870 its supposed to runa t 750mgz but its at 500 and i cant get it to go any further iver tried doing it in the ati catlyst control center but nothing works pleaase help me the memory is 900 it hink
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    i think ..........
    you have to flash your card with proper bios
    this is cut and paste...... how to lower fan speed in 4870 but when you gonna open yours bios in "bios editor " you can change clock speed and write again
    ps.this is how i change fan speed in my Asus 4870 1GB for 25%
    >>>1. Download the latest version of Radeon Bios Editor(RBE), that supports hd 4000 series. New one was released just yesterday.
    2. Download GpuZ.
    3. Download Winflash Ati, all are from techpower up.

    now, Moving on.

    1. Run gpuz and click on the button right where it says bios version. and save the bios.
    2. Run Radeon bios editor and go to file, open and open the bios that you just saved. Than go to fan control, and click on use look up table, and set up the fan speed and temps you want, I changed mine at to 31% starting and starting temp to 50c, and the fan stays at actually 31% all the time and the temp stays in the high 50's, it all might depend on your room temp though. so my fan speed stays at 31% because temp never goes beyond 50's, and it is pretty damn quite, and I don't know why ati didn't just leave the fan at that speed. Those fat heatpipes certainly hold their own if provided decent air flow.
    4, now after you have edited your bios, save it.
    5. open up winflash ati and load the bios you just saved, and program it. your screen will probably freeze for a miute and than you will get the message telling you to restart your comptuer, do so. and
    now you have a card that runs nice and cool even while overclocked.

    winflash ati seems to work fine, so don't panic, just exit control panel to be on the safe side.
    but do it at your own risk, as it is up to you to do it, but I have done it three times now, the fan is not really noticeable over the rest of the system to 31% is a great balance.

    It is better to do it this way, because you are actually using your original bios and the bios made by your card manufacturer, and not by some other card manufacturer, it will probably keep you on the safe side from voiding your warranty because your bios is still original bios but just edited for fan speed. Before the card was idling at 79c and load at 76c, now idle at 54-55c and load at 57c, those heatpipes really seem to work. <<<<<

    This is my orginal bios in RBE" class="img lazy">
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