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Hello , I have a Asus A7V333 1.6GHZ board that has been good for quite awhile . I do a little AVI to DVD burning and am looking for a board with power for gaming . Can any recommend a board in the Socket A class ?
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  1. err im guessing you have athlon xp cpu?

    you could max that out with an athlon xp 3200+ but it still wouldnt run newer games :(

    id recommend building a new system
  2. I agree, you can get AM2s X2 for nothing now even the black edtions, its just one of these times were a upgrade is best rather than trying to keep a old computer going
  3. Ditto, you could build an am2 system for under 150 if you reused your case, PSU, hdd's, and gfx card (if they are good enough)
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