Seems like Windows XP won't remember anything.

I am having a problem with my system remembering stuff upon restart.


1. Some Display settings won't stay (Desktop Position)
2. Windows Live Messenger (version 2009 (build 14.0.8117.416) won't remember username and password. Yahoo Messenger does remember, however.
3 IE8 won't remember visited links.

I have re-installed XP a number of times and these problems still persist. I am assuming that there is a registry setting problem but, I do not have the expertise to diagnose exactly what it is. ccleaner doesn't fix the problems either (maybe I'm not configuring it correctly.)

My box:

MOBO: ECS p4m800-pro . 1.1
CPU: p4 506 2.66ghz @ 533mhz FSB
RAM: Kingston Value RAM 2gB DDR2 533mhz (2 X 1024 mB)
Video: Sapphire HD 2600 Pro AGP w/256 mB DDR Catalyst version 10.12
Sound: M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R High-speed 8 x 8 USB 2.0 Interface (Driver version, Firmware 1.5.1)
PSU: CHEAPO Logisys 500 watt
HDD's: 1x 400 gB Hitachi Deskstar SATA and 1x WD 1tB SATA
OS: Windows XP SP3 fully updated and has passed WGA update too.
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  1. When you re-installed Windows, did you copy your full user profile over from a backup, registry and all? Try to create a new user, check on the issues you are having as that new user, if it works OK, there is somethign wrong with the registry of the user you were using. There are issues with XP remembering windows positions though, it may not fix that.
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