Pin overclocking a Celeron ?

Anybody had any experience with overclocking a Celeron ?

I've got an old DELL with a 1.7ghz Celeron, I was going to just throw it away but then somebody told me I could disable a couple of pins on the chip and force a higher FSB from the chip ? I've got experience with normal overclocking but I've never tried messing around with pins like this.....There aren't any options in the DELL Bios for doing anything amazing, so I just wondered if this was worth the effort, and if I could get a semi-decent speed from this without too much hassle ?

I'd be interested in hearing anybody's advice / experience on this front.....I do hate chucking kit away if I can do something with it instead !!

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  1. the max you would see from a wilamette celeron is ~2.1 and even then its still weak as anything - pointless
  2. Had a feeling that may be the case, thanks for advising...
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