WinXP32 Vista Dual Boot On Raid 0, Which Raid Driver, 32 or 64 Bit?

Hi all,

The Egg just delivered the components for my latest gaming rig and have a couple of quick questions please. First the components:

Sapphire 4870 W/ 1GB 5GDDR
8 GB Kingston HyperX
2 WD Cavair Black 500GB HDs Using Raid 0
Corsair 750W PSU

(1) I plan on a dual boot of WinXP32 and Vista64. I want the XP for legacy games and the Vista for DX10 eyecandy. I have read up on how to do this but with the UD3P, there is both a 32 and 64 bit pre-installation driver for the raid. If I plan to install XP32 first, when installing the raid driver, which would I use?
The protocol calls for 2 partitions with each OS installed to it's own partition. So, if I use the 32 bit driver for the XP installation, when I install Vista on the second partition, would I use the 64 bit driver when it installing it? I am not sure but logic tells me that using 2 different raid drivers would screw the pooch on the raid itself given it's loaded at bootup. Am I wrong?

(2) The XP install CD I have does not include SP2 and I am running into the PCI.sys error. Is there another way other than slipstreaming SP2 into the OS install CD? I don't mind going this route but if there is an easier way, I'd like to hear about it. The alternative of switching out the vid card after the SP2 install is probably not possible (I have an old PCI card with 4MB memory but don't think it can handle the 24" LCD that this box will be using).

Any experience or thoughts on these questions would be greatly appreciated.

Merry Christmas To All,
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  1. You have to use the appropriate RAID drivers for each OS. When installing XP, use the 32 bit drivers for XP and the 64 bit drivers for Vista. As far as I know, Vista already includes the Intel Matrix drivers (Windows Server 2008 definitely does), but you might want to upgrade them to the latest version after the OS is installed.

    Are you connecting your disks to the Gigabyte RAID controller (the 2 violet SATA connectors) or to the ICH10R controller (the yellow SATA connectors)? If using the Gigabyte controller, you probably need drivers for both Vista and XP.

    The old PCI card will work, but the resolution and colour depth will be very low. I use an old Matrox PCI card to test a system, but the display obviously doesn't look good.
  2. Get a 80 gig drive for you os's, or do the raid via bios.
  3. The MBR loader handles the boot selection; the RAID drivers are loaded on a per-OS basis. Load both the Intel and the Gb/Jmicron (of the right 'flavor' - x64 or x86) for each operating system - they're a pain to try to install later, and that way you're covered no matter what you decide to pop in later...

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