Convert Dynamic to Basic ... data will be ok?

I have a HDD with data on it which I've used as an internal hard drive. I am pretty sure I made it Basic HDD during the initial setup 'cause I always do that; might have goofed I guess...

Anywaste, I am now using it as an external hard drive, but when it is connected via USB to the PC I have to go into Disk Management and Reactive it before I can use it. I notice it is assigned as a Dynamic HDD.

Will converting it damage any data. I have plenty of other hard drive space so I can copy the contents as a safety measure, but that takes time...

Hey, what can I say, I'm kinda impatient... Or at least lazy...


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  2. operation can be finish only by several steps.get more information, please visit the web page--
  3. Actually, you could do it within Disk Management, but as u mentioned, u r lazy :D . You may try this: Dynamic Disk Converter
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