AMD Phenom II X4 965BE C3 125W

I'm seriously close to buying one of these processors for my new gaming rig. And I'm wondering whether it's worth investing in a new HSF for the 965.

My current processor is an Athlon X2 4600+ and uses the Artic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro with PWM; which I've found to be a very good cooler in comparison to the stock HSF.

Has anyone used this HSF with this processor? I've read many posts around the web listing the best HSF, but also at high prices. I imagine the stock HSF is not capable of keeping the CPU cool under a heavy load.

The Arctic Cooling site is very confusing also. It states it only supports up to 130W but further to the right states 200W. Am I right in thinking that if I was to overclock the CPU the thermal wattage would increase? Would the HSF then perform poorly?

FInally if anyone does post any links to heatsinks and fans that would be better suited to the job, please note that I am in the UK. US sites with international postage are also welcome.

Any replies are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. YES, when you overclock the wattage climbs. if you increase voltage to get a better overclock, wattage climbs FAST.

    Rated when released pretty well at the home for any air HS review.

    Look at the syn load tho, and the review date, old old, much better has come out since then.

    The Thermalright Ultra 120 is over 10C better at the same syn load of 125 watts. That should tell you something.......... 12.4 C vs 23.2

    Time to upgrade...........
  2. Thanks for the quick reply Conumdrum.
    Does seem that my HSF has been bettered quite significantly.
    I think I'll stick with the stock HSF for now and leave everything at stock settings.
    Then I'll invest in one of these when I have the funds.
    Anyone got a Thermalright Ultra 120? any feedback?
  3. I've got the original Thermalright Ultra 120. Results are outstanding. It was one of the original, if not the original, tower style heatsink introduced a few years ago. There are a lot of competitors and innovations but the 120 has always remained in the top 5 over at
  4. Thanks for the reply JohnnyLucky,

    Frostytech indeed does rate the Ultra-120 very highly. Most of the Ultra-120 heatsinks I have found on the internet are without the fans, meaning I will have to also purchase a 120mm fan to go with it. How do these mount on an AMD socket? Which way does the fan mount and blow? front-to-back or bottom-to-top? Preferably I would like a heatsink and fan which blows out the back of the case. Anyone know a good UK retailer for these?

    In second place on the Frostytech charts for the AMD is the Zalman CNPS10X eXtreme. These are available from my preferred vendor, although the Quiet version. I have read a review where there was no difference between the Quiet and the Extreme editions. Has anyone got any experience with these? I have noticed that these mount with the fans facing downwards on an AMD socket, something which I am not a fan off due to my casing airflow. They also overhang the DIMM slots, limiting me to less memory sticks.

    If I am to buy the heatsink separate, as I am buying multiple parts at once, then I am more likely to buy the Thermalright Ultra-120 due to been able to save up for longer.
  5. Quote:
    Which way does the fan mount and blow?

    Front to back.
  6. Cheers for the answer shadow703793. Definately the way I want the HSF to mount. Now onto where I can get these in the UK.

    Also what about the Scythe Mugen 2. From what I've seen it ir pretty close to a Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme.
  7. Look at the top 5, pick one that you like and you can get. It's not a big diff between the top 5. make sure it has the mounting HW you need, or you might have to order it extra.

    Don't fret over a few C unless your in a very hot ambient temp or your really gonna push the overclocks.
  8. Out of the top 5 heartsinks only the Zalman CNPS10X is available from my prefered vendor, although the Quiet edition. This is available for £34.72 (inc. VAT). However this mounts with the fan facing downwards.

    Ideally I want a Thermalright Ultra 120 but they are really hard to come by with the AMD support. For £47.12 I can get the heatsink and also a 120mm Scythe S-FLEX SFF21F fan; which I've read is very good. Add the P&P and this comes to £55.15.

    Also I've seen the Xigmatek Achilles HDT-S1284, not on the top 5 list, which is £34.50 (inc. VAT & P&P). The reviewer said it was better than Thermalright Ultra- 120 eXtreme on his i7 920 OC. This also comes with a fan aswell. I did find the review eventually on FrostyTech and the 125W Thermal Test was 16'c abouve ambient temperature. Seems a very good deal considering the price in comparison to the Thermalright Ultra- 120.

    So what do you guy think would be best? It's either the THermalright Ultra- 120 or the Xigmatek Achilles HDT-S1284? Would the price difference be worth it in the long run? Thanks for reading and all your replies guys.
  9. I have been using the Scythe S-Flex fans in my pc's for several years. I haven't experienced any problems. It seems just about everyone has their own personal favorite.

    There have been several variations of the Thermalright Ultra 120. The popular one is the Ultra 120 Extreme. It is just as good as the original 120 and probably easier to locate. Just check for the approrpiate bracket for your cpu. A variety of brackets are available for purchase in the USA. Don't know about other countries.

    To be honest, unless you are a hardcore gamer into seriously extreme overclocking and tweaking for a suicide mission to save the galaxy from alien invaders then any of the top 5 cpu heatsinks will do quite nicely. For the typical user a temperature difference of one or two degrees won't make much difference. If you are on a budget go with the top 5 heatsink at the lowest price. I've been pretty lucky in that respect. I just recycle my 120 with each new build. Paying $9.99 for a new bracket is cheaper than purchasing a new heatsink.
  10. You'll be just fine with S-1284. Make sure you read up on applying your paste on an HDT cooler first, it's applied differently. Might look at getting some good paste too. I like MX-2.
  11. You guys are absolute stars. Will read up on your guides before I make my final decision.
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