Palit HD 4870x2 & Asus Maximus Extreme corruption

system spec's:
- O/S: Vista Home Premium SP1 64bit ENG
- VGA: Palit HD 4870x2 2gb
- CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 (2.83ghz)
- MB: Asus Maximus Extreme; tried both bios 1007 & 1104 (most recent version)
- PSU: Corsair HX-1000 (1000w)
-Monitor: HP w2408h (24"screen)
-Hard Drive: 2 Samsung sata 320gb drives
-Memory: 4x1gb Crucial Ballistix ddr3-1333


I have built a new system and am having problems with I believe either the

graphics card or the combination of the graphics card & the motherboard.

The symptoms are that from power-on, first the boot up is super slow- taking

a minute or two to reach the bios screen and then a couple minutes to reach

the operating system and the operating system taking ~5 minutes to load( when

it is able to.)

All the while, once I have hit the bios screen (so I have video at that

point, before that the monitor is in sleep mode) I have graphic artifacts -

mainly a series of thin & medium thick white horizontal lines in a vertical

grill pattern across the entire screen as well as 3, 2-3 inch thick grey

bands running vertically one on each side and the middle. When I am supposed

to have a mostly black screen (like when the raid chipset messaging appears

after the main bios splash screen), the screen is mostly a faded white - I

can just make out the text that is supposed to be there, the same thing

happens when I hit the Windows splash screen _ can make out the loading

windows bar, but the screen is mostly a faded white.

On the occasions I can get into Windows (sometimes the systems reboots during

the above process) I am in a super low resolution and 4-bit color mode and

the bars/grill artifacts appear to be there overlayed over the screen,

although it is difficult to tell due to the resolution - most Windows menu's

are only half legible- but Windows operations seem to run at the correct

speed and I am able to say, surf the internet (with artifacts). If I attempt

to install the ATI drivers and reboot, the system will crash at Windows and I

have to do safe mode to get back in.

In an attempt to diagnose the problem I bought a Nvidia 6200 64mb TurboCache

card (since it was the cheapest PCI Express card I could find); When I

removed the HD 4870x2 and installed the 6200 and booted up, everything worked

properly- boot up was fast and I was in Windows within 1 minute with

everything running smoothly.

I re-installed the HD 4870x2 while keeping the 6200 installed and with the

monitor plugged into the 6200 everything ran well again, but if I switched

the monitor to the HD 4870x2, I was back to the super slow, corrupted

graphics boot up. With the 6200 in, Windows recognized the HD 4870x2, but as I understand it,

Vista will only allow 1 type of graphics card to be in use at a time and

would not allocate system resources to the HD 4870x2, I was not able to do

much with it.

My questions are:

1) Is this a definite case of a bad graphics card? - I wonder because I would

think that a bad graphics card would give no video or corrupted video, but

not slow the power-up / bios down to a crawl.

2) Are there any tests I can run on the graphics card; I have not had to do

an RMA on any previous systems I have built, but I like to be prepared when I

have to speak to tech support.

3) Does anyone have any experience with the HD 4870x2 & the Asus Maximus

Extreme motherboard and if you have them working together which bios are you


4) Any suggestions on other causes of the problem(s) - maybe I am off-track

completely, as I am not that knowledgeable about the technology.

Thank you in advance for your time.
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  1. Uhm... Your PSU seems to give the juice, so it shouldn't be that, besides, ATI cards complain at BIOS time if they don't have the juice for them to run properly.

    Second, did you clean all previous video drivers from your system or did you do a clean install for that card? Wich Catalyst version are you using, the one with the CD or the downloaded 8.9?

    Are you putting the card on the PCIe your MoBo says it goes? Some SLI/CF boards (if not all) tell you where u're supposed to put the card if you're not using SLI/CF or more than 1 card at all.

    Did you change any value on the BIOS telling something about the PCIe speed, voltage or something like that?

    Are you using power adaptors from the HDD molex'es instead of the 8pin connectors from your MoBo for the video card? (added)


    EDIT: Added thingy.
  2. I have this board & card & the exact same problems. Please let me know if u find a fix. Thx.
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