Overclocking i7-920 d0 stepping

Hi guys

Im new to overclocking and couldnt find something to compare my results, as their are so many variables.

Im running my 920 d0 stepping at blck 190, 20x multiplier = 3.8ghz
Turbo is off so its 3.8ghz 24/7

If i put everything on auto, except cpu vcore at 1.23~ and dram bus at 1.64, it is stable on prime95.
Any less cpu voltage will cuase BSOD's. Temps are under 70.

My question is.... are there any tweaks that i can do to run this speed at a cpu voltage of 1.2v stable? because their are some people with 3.8ghz @ 1.2v.... or am i unlucky to have a weaker chip?

Thanks for your time.
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  1. It's not so much that you have a "weaker" chip. It's just the way that microscopic production variables add up to either a faster or slower chip. Remember, Intel only guarantees that a CPU chip runs at a certain frequency. The fact that Intel seems to be deliberately "underbinning" is a bonus for us.
  2. You could disable Hyperthreading, which will reduce your temps and you'll be able to run with less voltage, but obviously you'll loose performance in applications that use Hyperthreading.
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