E8400 overclock with vigor monsoon III

Hello, first of all my specs:


Im gonna buy a new motherboard that allows overclock since the stock intel i got doesnt allow neither has the options to do it.

With stock heatsink fan the CPU is from 50° up to 65°-70° on load while playing games.

Getting in 2-3 days a new heatsink fan, Vigor Monsoon III ($54 but i bought it for $30 with shipping) said to be as good as the Hyper 212 that is very hard to find. I will apply the thermal paste it comes with and on my stock intel motherboard and come back and tell the temps. When i apply it to the new motherboard i will be using some ocz thermal paste.

As you can see the memory is Kingston and got 4gb, running at 400mhz(that should be 800mhz each).

The cpu is CORE VID 1.225 V, Stepping 6, Revision C0

Power supply: OCZ StealthXStream 700watts

I did the test on Resident Evil 5, 1680 x 1050, directx10, all details in high, AA C16XQ(highest available)...in shorts words all at maximum settings...got an average of 50 fps.

After all the new cores out in the market, socket 775 motherboards are cheap now...remember looking at $300 mobos that are now $100 ish. Im interested in crossfire X, since im getting an LG HDTV 1080p(1900 x 1080) 120 Hz, plus getting x2 5770 by July.

Found these ones:




Any recommendations when overclocking? Will keep reading the sticky and other threads, but i will really appreciate input here.

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  1. I love Gigabyte boards myself and it would be hard to go wrong with the EP45-UD3x series. They run very cool and generally overclock well.


    http://techgage.com/article/intel_core_2_duo_e8400_30ghz_-_wolfdale_arrives/11 Older article but interesting.

    I have the newer E0 revision and its running fine at 3.6ghz and 1.28v. Speedstep is enabled and it lowers the multiplier to 6 from 9 when idle for 2.4 vs 3.6ghz with a 400mzh fsb. It maxes out at ~45c when running Orthos small FFTs and idles at ~25c. In no way am I pushing mine to even close its limits. ZeroTherm Nirvana NV120 cooler.

    Its been completely stable for over a year now and I plan to go for 4ghz+ when I get around to getting a new case in the next few weeks. I dual boot Window 7 Ultimate x64 and XP Pro 32 and both feel very fast at 3.6.....
  2. I also like Gigabyte boards, but the MSI X48 board is the only one listed that has both PCI-e slots running at X16 when both are populated. Could be important if you are going to Xfire 2 upper ed video cards.
  3. You can get Gigabyte X48 boards that have two full X16 slots as well - but it seems that the preferred board is the cheaper P45 boards that most are buying - you can find a lot of these at newegg compared to few X48 and X38 boards.

    Very few high end cards can max out the 2.0 X8 slot. You have to be quite an enthusiast to be ready to lay out for two of those for the small improvement you gain - and then to pay more for the mobo too.
    And I prefer the Gigabyte UD series as well. Its just a matter of finding the intersection of feature set and budget to select the proper model.

    Note that some Gigabyte users are not aware that TweakTown.com is the official Gigabyte site for motherboards and graphic cards and you get excellent help there - from Gigabyte pros and amateurs alike.
  4. rockyjohn said:
    You can get Gigabyte X48 boards that have two full X16 slots as well

    But he didn't have that one listed. :(
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