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Hello, i am having a problem with my dvd/cd drive.I can get it to work with my music cd but when i go to play my dve i canheir it trying to load but will not play.Order a new drive but the drive would play dvd and not cd what do i need to do to fix this.thanks for any help i can get
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  1. It's not the drive. There are two ways to solve this, one is to do the procedure below. The second one is to do a repair install of the operating system, which does not erase your files. The directions to do the repair are posted in this forum, sixth post from the top. SEE: "repair installation of XP"

    left click start in the lower left hand of the screen
    left click run
    type regedit
    left click OK
    Now the registry editor will come up
    double left click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
    double left click on SYSTEM
    double left click on CurrentControlSet
    double left click on Control
    double left click on Class
    double left click on {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
    look on the right side of the window for upper filters
    right click on upper filters
    left click delete
    windows will then ask you to confirm deletion
    click yes
    look on the right side of the window for lower filters
    if you do not see lower filters, you may be out of luck on this one.
    right click on lower filters
    left click on delete
    windows will then ask to confirm deletion
    click yes
    Close all the windows that are open
    restart the computer
  2. The registry edit shown above, is for when CD/DVD drives are missing. A windows repair isn't a cure-all solution for everything, as you seem to suggest.

    First, make sure your optical drive is capable of playing CDs and DVDs.
    Then, make sure you have the software to play them (XP doesn't have DVD support). For that you'll need to download something like VLC media player.
    If you're still having problems, make sure the discs aren't scratched or smudged. You may need to clean the discs.

    If none of those suggestions help, try running this Fixit scan.
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