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For anyone who's missed it, I'm building a new computer. I've already got most of my parts, but I'm having a horrible time picking the Mobo and CPU. Partly because I'm picky, and mostly because I don't have enough money. Lack anyone else at this time, I'm trying to build an Intel rig. The budget for both the mobo and CPU is $200 max, though I would love it if I can stay closer to $150. If I were to split it 50/50, each part can't be more then $75. I can get the 5200, which is a hair over $80. (last I saw, newegg sells it for $83, add in tax and it should run me about 89.02)

My problem is the motherboard. I want one with two PCIe slots. P35 or P45 chipset is ideal, but I'll take a different one if price forces the issue. I want two slots as I bought a DDR3 9600GSO, which might see time as a PhysX card if/when I upgrade my video next. The only motherboard that looks good in my price range is that "tul" one, and I'm not sure how much I trust it.

So my enlightened friends, what should I do? I have already found an AMD combo for $171.60 shipped which includes a nice MSI motherboard (790NB and 750SB) and the 4850e. (2.5GHz dual core, 45W) The 5200 is more powerful, but this will do the job. I could also abandon my dual PCIe dreams and just get a nice P43 board. Or perhaps I should just XXX? I've been looking at boards and CPUs for so long I feel that a new set of eyes on this problem might be what I need.

In case anyone is wondering, heres the new rig.

2x2GB G.skill ram. DDR2-800MHz 1.8v.
384MB eVGA 9600GSO dual slot video card. (also known as the 8800GS.)
Audigy 2 with drive bay
500W Antec Earthwatts PSU.
Reusing my 250GB and 320GB drives, as well as my DVD burners.
Also reusing my Dell 17" CRT monitor. I'm hoping to max out its ability by playing TF2 at 16x12. (I don't like LCDs, nor do I have the funds for one, don't even both asking about why I don't like LCDs.)
OS will be XP 32 bit. Yes, I am well aware I will see less then 4GBs of ram. Thats fine with me.
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  1. You should have been with me 10 days ago at Fry's, when they had the e7200 with ecs g33 board for $59.99. All I can say is that if you want Intel, don't settle for amd. Spend your money as you want to and save a few more dollars. Get on newegg's or fry' email list and watch for some more deals in the coming weeks.
  2. And thats another thing my co workers keep telling me. Black Friday is coming, who knows what I might get if I wait till then. But I want to open this ram NOW!
  3. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday both right around the corner, it is my opinion that it would be foolhardy to settle for less at this time, when the same amount of money might get you more (possibly MUCH more) by waiting a week.
  4. I agree about Black Friday.

    Too bad, Frys also had a Q9550 and mobo for $229. I know that's above, but it's a killer deal (the CPU is 310+ by itself normally).
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