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First a little history. Adding two drives to my existing array looked straight forward. So I did the Add wizard and it mirrored the two drives. Now I have 4 drives mirrored. Apparently I was suppose to add a new array and then add these two drives.

Now that I have these 2 drives added, I need to remove them. There is an option that says, "change to free disk" which I'm assuming it removes them from the array, then I can add them to the new array (I have created). The problem is that option is grayed out. What is the process that would allow me to remove these drives? What un-grays the "change to free disk"?

I simply removed the drives earlier and it showed them free, but showd my array 1 as critical. Do i need to simply remove the drives, reinsert them, then add them to the new array (array 2), then rebuild the array 1?
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  1. You first had a mirror of 2 disks; now you want a mirror of 4 disks. This means you have to delete the current RAID array, and make a new one consisting of 4 disks.

    All data on the current RAID will be lost. I'm assuming you're aware of this?
  2. do it the old fashion way - back up your data and re-create your aray
  3. apache_lives said:
    do it the old fashion way - back up your data and re-create your aray

    this is the simplest method...
  4. I got it worked out. I was mistaken about 4 disks mirrored. It did Add the two drives to the array, but not mirrored. It stacked them and then mirrored those two. It just isn't clear. I went to the drive manager and found it without a drive letter. I just defined that and away I go.
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