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I have an XPS 730 which I recently upgraded with 3 Evga GTX 260's (core 216) through SLI (no overclocking). The problem I'm having is while playing Crysis and Crysis Warhead the pc will randomly shutdown during high action fights. I have settings set to very high, vsync, 1900x1200, aax8 with 50+fps. I've been monitoring gpu temps on screen and have yet to touch 70c. Crysis is the only game that causes the random shut downs so far. To troubleshoot I brought settings down to medium, got rid of aa and vsync and still experienced the issue. So I disabled sli and ran one card on medium settings without any issues. I've reaserched conflicting results regarding my power supply. Some sites say 1000+ is a must for tri sli whereas others say 1000 is sufficient. What could I be doing wrong?

Current set up:
Nvidia 790i Ultra mb
Intel QX 9770
Onboard sound
1 7200rpm 500g hd
3 Evga GTX 260's SLI
1000w psu
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  1. Is the psu the one which came with your dell? If so that's your culprit. Get a new good quality psu and you'll be fine.
  2. ^+1.
  3. I recently bought a 1200w psu (CoolMax) but the wiring (even with the extra mudular wiring included) was not compatible with the 730. Not to mention I would literally have to take the pc apart entirely to route the new pcu cables (dell wired the mb cable of the stock psu UNDER the mb to make it look nice but in order to upgrade the pcu...you guessed it...I have to remove the mb first....not to mention working around the H2C cooling unit....buzzkill. The interesting thing about the pcu I currently have is that all the wires are connected to a harness that plugs directly into the psu...so in essence....all I should have to do is unplug the harness from the old pcu and plug in the upgrade without reworking the cables. However Dell is telling me my mb can not be upgraded to wattage higher than 1kw (which is wrong...just look at my mb listed above) and they can not tell me who the mfg is of the psu so that I can contact them direct for an upgrade. It's no secret but Dell's customer support is suspect at best which is unfortunate considering the recourses invested in their product.

    Are there markings on the psu sticker that would signify weather or not the psu is decent?

    Question - Even when I drop the settings to medium on Crysis...would the pcu really overwork itself to the point of shutting down?
  4. Dell is talking sh iit about your mobo not taking a power supply greater than 1kw, your mobo (and peripherals) will only draw the power they need - power won't be forced into it by a higher wattage psu. I do remember that some Dells used to have odd wiring for the psu to mobo connector so you should do some reasearch on that.

    If the psu says Dell on it, then its cack :-) . There are much more informed people here who can help you, but here is a psu faq I found:

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