Artic Silver 5 vs V8 Thermal Paste

If anybody has a Cooler Master V8, please help.
I keep forgetting to ask but when I got my V8, it came with some kind of thermal paste inside the box with it, it says cooler master thermal compound on it, i never really thought about it as i already bought Artic Silver 5 as my seperate thermal paste from newegg, here is the exact one i bought:
Artic Silver 5 Thermal Compound from Newegg
Well I am using that thermal paste but I was wondering is the one that the V8 comes with better then this one? it good at all, how would you compare them. Just very curious. The AC5 has done a great job, i get 29-30Idleing on my 920 at stock with fans turned down almost completely. And even cooler when fans are turned up. Any opinons would really be helpful.
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    Try both and see. Or...
    Those are the top TIMs available currently.
  2. I mean...what do you think should I give the CM thermal paste a try, i am idling at 28-30C with AS5 so it seems like its doing an excellent job. I dont feel like buying others but the if anybody has a CM V8 and has used its thermal paste please tell me :). Or maybe I can just cut off the copper plate from the stock heatsink and put it onto the V8?...just kidding about that but is its possible?
  3. Quote:
    I mean...what do you think should I give the CM thermal paste a try

    Naaahhh.... The AS5 is still on the top 5
  4. Thanks for the advice and link. I think i'll just stay with AS5. My temps are amazing so i'll just store the extra CM paste if i ever need it.
  5. Hey dude, if u are still around..
    I got my v8 with i7-930, asus p6x58d, CM 932 casing a month ago.
    The system idles at 40c at stock speed, how did u make it to 30c??
    "pray that u are still around"
  6. Marvin, you didn't mention ambient air temps, overclocks, fans in the case, or yuo choice of paste.

    You get better fans for the V8 yet? Try a reseat of your CPU with fresh TIM application?

    Your AUTO settings vs his on the Mobo could be a difference.

    Basically, too many variables, read, learn, do what you can.
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