I have a ga-ep45-ud3p and i have the power error please help!

what happend was that a plug melted in dvd drive and my mobo started to give me the power error beep :fou: and i tried a lot of things but it wont help!! please tell me what i should do or if i should rma it help much appreciated!!!!!!!
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  1. plug melted in the dvd drive....sounds like some things got fried. You will have to get a new psu (get a quality brand like corsair, pc power and cooling, ocz, etc to avoid this happening again) and hope that it didn't take any other components with it. If you get a new psu you can check the rest of the components with it but i wouldn't be surprised if your mobo etc got fried.
  2. yeah i think my mobo is fried and i just got it today and im almost in tears!!! i guess ill have to buy a new psu and rma the mobo.
  3. Here is a link to an inexpensive power supply tester:
    Unless the plug that melted was the actual IDE conector, and not the 4-pin molex supplying it power (and I don't see how that could happen), it's probably unlikely that you fried your MOBO; much more likely that your power supply is cooked.
  4. Get a new psu and check everything else (like the mobo) before throwing money away on things that may or may not be dead.
  5. yeah my psu is totally fried but i checked my mobo and its fine cuz i used my freinds psu and the mobo is fine but im getting the corsair 750wtx psu
  6. that is a solid psu, should last you for a good long while and not melt on you ;)
  7. thx for the help guys :D
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