Swap cases mid to full-tower?

Can I buy this Dell - strip the mobo and parts and put them in another case? One looks to be a mid-tower and one a full-tower.

Dell: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=999996100050006&type=product&id=pcmprd96200050006

Case: http://www.amazon.com/NZXT-TEMPEST-Enthusiast-Steel-Midtower-Retail/dp/B0016L3FDG/ref=cm_lmf_img_1
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  1. also, just a quick side note

    do any of you think its worth getting that Dell from BestBuy with a 40 % discount to make it around $390 over building a nice PC with a good Intel/Asus Mobo that will last longer? I would save about $300 from the Best Buy purchase.. but I don't want the **** Dell mobo to die out in 3 years..

    My last Intel board has lasted me 8 years now.. so it makes me think of building the pc and not buying the Dell.
  2. bump

    *update* - I'm gonna go with a best buy one because im getting 40 % off - but i'm still worried about a custom Dell or HP mobo sucking and dying after 2-3 years. Any thoughts?
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