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Hello,I have got a Maxtor Basics 500GB external HD and its been running ok, but now it's not being recognised and when I try to open it all I get is a box with "Location is not available" "J:\ is not accessible" "Access is denied"
Anyone know of a solution???
Thanks in advance
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  1. Are you sure the USB port is good?
    Can you test the USB port by plugging a mouse into it?

    If the USB port is good, check your Device Manager > Disk drives
    Is the drive listed there?
    If it is, delete it with the Delete key and reboot.

    After reboot, check the Windows Explorer.
    Is the drive listed there?
    If so, can you access it now?
  2. something died, maybe the USB interface, get a new box and try it
  3. I had once a problem with maxtor external, there was something defect in power supply. Maybe you can check your power supplier of the maxtor external, too...

  4. May be something is died ..Better once contact the manufacturer ???

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