9800 GX2 Boot problem...Help please!

Hi to everyone on the forums, I just bougth a PNY 9800 GX2 Video Graphics Card, I uninstalled my old card and drivers (7600 GT), everything seem right, but when I installed the new drivers (178.13), my system enters in a loop and don´t boot anymore. I have to boot in safe mode and remove the drivers.

Right now I have this hardware:

CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E6420
Motherboard Intel D946GZIS
2 GB Kingston ValueRAM DDR2 533MHz
PSU OCZ StealthXStream 600w
2 20mm Fans

But next week I´ll upgrade to a Core 2 Duo E8400, 4GB OCZ platinum 1066MHz DDR2, and a ASUS P5Q MB

Could this be caused by the PSU not supplying enough power? Is the video card not compatible with the motherboard? Or do I got a defective video card?

Any comment will be much appreciated
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  1. Sorry to hear your problems. I just ordered a 9800 GX2 (EVGA) and have a E8400 on a Gigabyte EP35 D3SL MB.....so I'm hoping when I install the new graphics card I won't have any problems.

    Regarding your question on the PSU....that is a possibility. They recommend a minimum 550 Watt PSU if using the 9800 GX2 card (and all PSU's are not built the same...so a 600 W may not really be delivering the necessary power it's supposed to). I had an under powered computer and I was experiencing all kinds of strange problems until I realized it was the PSU. My issues were on boot, the computer would sometimes not recognize my second HD, or DVD drive. I was swapping cable and thinking it was my MB connector...when in fact it was the PSU.

    I have learned my lesson....I only buy Corsair PSU's (although I'm sure there are other good ones out there). I have a 650 W in my system that will have the 9800 GX2 installed in it.

    I am running an 8500GT 512 card with the older driver 175.19. Did you 7600 run okay with the newer driver update?

    There is always the possibility of the Video card being defective...
  2. 600w psu, unless defective, should be more than enough. It's more likely to be driver problems. Uninstall driver, reboot, run driver sweeper, and reinstall might help.
  3. not a psu problem. most likely an os issue. reinstall windows.
  4. thanks for your comments, my 7600 runs ok with the latest drivers and I already uninstalled the driver with driver sweeper many times, try different drivers versions, I also reinstalled windows (xp pro).
    today I´m gonna try with a diferent motherboard and OS (vista x64). If it does not work a will post again.
  5. OS issue, I installed windows vista x64 now it works perfect with the same hardware, thank again
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