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just got a gigabyte ep45-ds3l and an duo 8500. when i try to boot up, the psu, fans, and mobo come on for 1 second then powers off then it waits a couple seconds and does the same thing. psu should be ok it was powering my old system tonight just fine before i installed the new one.

if anyone has any clue lemme know

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  1. Ram is my guess. Try each stick in each slot, set up ram in bios (up vdimm), install the rest.
  2. i tried that i cant even get it to a screen as soon as the psu and porcessor fan fires up it dies then waits a second or 2 and does the same thing
  3. Agreed about the RAM - try just a bare minimum startup:

    1 stick of memory, GPU, and the board. If that all works and gets you to POST, start adding things and try to install the OS.
  4. i tried 1 stick of ram, no ram, no gpu i cant figure out why it will only boot up for 1 second then try again then stop again.
  5. Not 1 stick. Wrong. Each stick in each slot. If you did that and no post, either your ram or mobo is at fault.
  6. tired what you said with the ram Auscanzukus, it still wont post. i ordered new ram on gigabytes recommended list. hopefully it will post if not ill rma the mobo. thanks for your help
  7. How big is your PSU and what are the specs of the new system? You might have outgrown your old PSU.
  8. psu is a 520watt

    1 250g barracuda
    1 diamond 3870
    1 lg dvd
    1 e8500
  9. i had the same problem 2 hours ago, and found out my new sigma monster 850 watts arrived doa.
    had to go to bestbuy to get a new psu :S
  10. No, you didn't read his post. His pc would power on, but off at once. It's an indication of parts other than psu. I have seen this on X38 & P35.
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