Fried or Not Fried???

Greetings everyone!

Well heres the deal!

My Younger brother ( The Engineer )has an emachine that he wanted to soup up for his son. He bought a high dollar video card or so he says off the President of his company. Well he plugged the new video card in while the machine was powered up. Well it looks like he may have fried a few things including the new DDR2 Ram, Powersupply and no telling what else. He is now wanting me to help him out. I figure the best thing I could do for him at this time is kick his a oops nevermind that. He wants me to try and figure all what all might be fried and what may still be ok. I'm wanting info from some of the more experienced techs on what would be the best plan of attack??

It looks like the model number is RC410-M Rev: 1.1

I have 2 chips. The first one is from PQI. The info is
PC2-4200 2 GB Single Channel

The second is Oxcco.
512MB PC2-4200-533MHz
P/N: X259-E63GU-D(or O - it's hard to tell)AB1R
S/N E0645115060

eMachine T3516
Intel Celeron D Processor 352
3.20GHz | 533MHzFSB | 512 KB L2 Cache

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  1. take out the new card and put in the old and see if it works. most likely the motherboard and video card are gone. And give your brother a stern warning not to plug things into a computer while it is still on....
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