Can't install Win 7 on SSD (Dell mini 10)

Hi guys, I've just bought a Intel 40gb SSD for my Dell Inspiron Mini 10, but I can't get the Windows 7 installed. I've tried to do a harddrive clone from the hard drive that came with my Mini, but when it boots, it can't get passed the windows login screen. It freezes and then reboots. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Try not cloning your harddrive, but install the OS cleanly on the SSD. Since you now have live data all over the SSD and the SSD is now 100% full regardless of high much space is actually used by the filesystem.

    Personally, i would let W7 create a 32GB partition or so, and use that, leaving some space unused. The clone you used probably also degrades performance due to oldschool partitions (misalignment).
  2. I actually have tried to do a fresh install several times. Tried to update bios. Some times I can make a pratition, sometimes the drive suddenly disappear. I've also managed to get passed the copying files and the expanding. But no past that. I've also tried to install Vista and the do a upgrade without success. The Vista installation goes flawless, but not the Win 7.
  3. Do some system stability tests first. Besides, you do not mention what exactly goes wrong; the drive disappears? Disappears from what? Its not like its visible during installation. Got any error messages?
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