little help with a 19" widescreen

I'm using a 19" widescreen with a 8800GS, the monitor resolution shoud be 1440x900, but it's not available in the settings, I've only got 3, 800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x1024,how do I adjust this thing
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  1. It's determined by driver. You might not have the right one.
  2. I'm using 169.32 and the new ones are 178.13, thanks for the help I'll let you know how it goes,
  3. have updated the drivers to 178.13, and it seems that these are better drivers, game play seems better, but no matter how I try to change the resolution in the N-panel and then adjust it in the settings tab, it wants 1280X1024, 1440X900 is not even a option, but I can tell if I turn picture sideways they appear stretched
  4. install driver for your monitor........ur PC is not able to detect ur monitor correctly and probably thinks its a normal 19 inch so max resolution is 1280x1024 only
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