GA-MA-770T-UD3P + 955BE OCing Help

I'm putting together a new pc with the GA-MA-770T-UD3P Mobo and using a Phenom IIx4 955BE with a 600w Cooler Master Power Extreme PSU. I know this board needs extra VRM Cooling and will need a better CPU Cooler.

VRM Cooling

CPU Cooler

Now my question is how. How do i overclock i have never messed around with it nor know anyone who has so im at a loss for help. If anyone has ever used this board and chip and would be able to give some help i would love it. I would like to reach 3.8ghz safely with not an extreme load on the pc.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Just ordered that CPU from all I read U' can overclock it 3.7GHz/1.350V Stable OC @ Default Voltage.. Some ppl' have hit 4.0GHz wit' higher voltage and a good CPU cooler(more voltage more heat produced)..
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