Asus M2N68-VM Optical Drive Issues

I wasn't shure where to post tihs but here it goes.
I built a HTPC
Asus M2N68-VM
2GB DDR2 800
Athlon 6000
Pioneer Bluray

The problem i'm having is i have trouble installing vista it hangs & wont finish installing.Also when i had vista on it & tried to play a BD disk is says put in disk when it's already in the drive or when i play a dvd it hangs altogether.
The system works fine with a IDE DVD drive.I also tried a pioneer DVD Sata drive & a LG BD Burner all have the same issue.
I had a old Sata to usb adaptor from a old external hdd i conected the drives to that & i could use them in vista fine.
I updated Mobo's Firmware but no luck i have 2 of these Mobos they both have the same problem.
maybe someone has an idea.
Michael :)
Ps i tried AHCI mode
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  1. I have the same MB and the same issue with an LG DB Burner GBW-H20L. IDE optical drives work fine but not SATA.
  2. I was able to get the SATA optical drive to work by using AHCI mode setting in BIOS for SATA. You must do a clean install of Vista after setting the AHCI mode. Now everything works great!
  3. Thanks for the reply i'll try a few more things i will post the results
    Michael :)
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