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Hi i bought a new western digital 1tb Green Caviar Hard drive . . Here is the problem .. When i instially conencted the hdd and statred using it , there was absolutely no sound from the drive , and i belived it to be like that way all the time , until the same time , i switched of the pc to connect my old drive as a slave . . Just when i turn on the pc , there is this sharp noise from the drive as if it's reviving the power and the spindle is turning , that is wat i could make out by the sound. I managed to get the drive replaced , but again , when i first connected the replaced drive initially there was no sound until my father was using the pc . i came home from work ,turned it on , i hear the noise ! WHAT IS THIS THING ? IS THIS NORMAL ? and Yes , no cables are touching the fan inside , and there is no conflict as such ! HELP ME !I'm starting to belive that WESTERN DIGITAL SUCKS !
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  1. There is a single click when you turn the computer on, and never other than that? That's probably fine. How loud is it?
  2. Remember that all new drives are quieter than old ones and a green spinning at 5200 rpm is going to be quieter still. Is the click instantly on pushing power, or is it a tic that happens after some small interval of time? In the first case it probably is just something coming to life normally, in the second it could be the drive seeking a servo lock, but if it only does it once I highly doubt it. Try WD's diagnostics tool; that will give you the smart data and a test to run.
  3. i recently have the same issue with my 3 months old 1tb black Caviar Hard drive. It kept making grinding noise even when my computer is idle. I haven't use the WD's diagnostic tool yet but will try it tonight.
  4. Hard drives fail. Some faster than others, some come DoA. Western Digital is a fine place to get your high-density storage from, and it's unfair to judge them based on one drives performance. I DROPPED my 640GB Caviar Black from about 3 feet onto solid table, and it's been working strong for a year.
  5. Yeah, I have 3 WD 640 caviar black drives and all are good still. I also have an older 250G that is questionable. @jake69; grinding from a HD is never good. Make sure you have a data backup.
  6. Hello all , thank you for your replies . It's no clicking noise at all . Yes I'm familiar with that clicking noise with my older seagate drive , but not this ! . It's just a spinning kinda sound for about 1 and a half second just when the computer turns on . when i press the power button that is . I was told that this drive can switch between 5400 rpm to 7200 when required . I contacted western digital India , and the customer care is so pathetic , they even make me forget what i was talking about . I've managed to get a replacement for the same drive . this is the 2nd caviar drive I'm using . Yes , it's the same noise from both the drives . I managed to contact the guys at Western digital depot , and i was told that this may be due to a power compatibility issue with dual core processors as i have one. i so know they are bullshitting me . and another guy at the retailer said it is because as the drive is 1TB and has a huge motor of something it makes that noise !...

    There is absolutely no noise while the drive is in operation in windows or anywhere else. So silent like it's dark and cold .
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