GEntlemans !
I just wana see a nice survey from all of you who was buying monitor in the last 3-4 months, in 19-24 inch for gaming purpose !!!
i want to see the advantages and disadvantages, price doesnt matter, a good monitor always worth it ![#002AD4]
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  1. omg, so many visitors and nobody wana help me.... nice
  2. Ah jessus i have to solve this thing alone, ....
  3. Be more specific, most people probably read this thinking it was a guide on judging or buying monitors.

    What the title should say is; "Some Monitor Guidance Please..."

    Also people don't like surveys, especially if they don't apply to themselves.
    I haven't bought a monitor for myself in over 2 years. And the ones I have bought for work are specific to specific tasks or else so word-doc generic I wouldn't recommend them to a friend for his own money, so why would I participate based on the request?

    Be specific, what are you looking for, don't put up a very specific question / 'survey' and then be surprised no one is participating.
  4. thx for help !
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