Is this deal too good to be true?
seems like a great power supply and is relatively cheap compared to

So, is this deal too good to be true? Any down sides?
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  1. The second one is specific for Dell computers and you can't use it in normal computers. If you don't have a Dell and you just want to make your own build definitely don't get that one.

    The Silencer 610W is a very good PSU and $70 is a crazy low price for it. If it's enough for your setup then go for it.
  2. It is a good deal! The PC P&C 610 is a highly recommended power supply. The unit gets very favorable comments from the regulars who post here. The $99.00 price ($69.00 after mail in rebate) is a special promotion which ends today.

    There will be more bargains and specials this week, especially on Black Friday - The day after the Thanksgiving Day holiday in the USA.
  3. hmmm. so the second is for dell only? how'd I miss that?
    Also, I thought that sites like newegg do cyber monday, and that only certain things were cheaper, not evrything
  4. I would imagine they'll run specials all weekend, with their big blowout on Monday.
  5. You didn't miss it. The psu case is 10mm shorter to fit in a Dell pc case. The internal parts, connections, and cables are the same as the standard length unit. You can still use it in an atx case without any problems. It will just take up 10mm less space in an atx case.
  6. aw but this sucks, I don't know when I will be getting all my computer parts. I don't want to miss all these savings thought.... =(
  7. I've been receiving email notifications from a variety of online pc vendors for pre-Thanksgiving specials this weekend. Waiting for a bargain basement deal on a new video card.
  8. has 48 pre-Black Friday deals:

    There are a couple of psu's.
  9. I like this one:
    Antec Sonata III + PSU $75

    and this one:
    PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W $80
    That's the cheapest I've ever seen it.
  10. i have a 610 watt silencer and its the best psu i have purchased so far.
  11. aevm said:
    I like this one:
    Antec Sonata III + PSU $75

    and this one:
    PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W $80
    That's the cheapest I've ever seen it.

    hmmm.... I really don't think i would need that much power though
    thats my wish list, though no mobo yet
  12. I just meant I like the prices. They are as low as I've ever seen, for some high quality parts.

    No idea if they're suitable for your build since you didn't tell us your build. BTW, the link to your wish list won't work. I think it's a private wish list.
  13. oh
    lemme see if I can get it public
  14. aevm said:
    I like this one:
    Antec Sonata III + PSU $75

    and this one:
    PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W $80
    That's the cheapest I've ever seen it.

    These were the two that jumped out at me as well.
  15. May want to check demensions, my 610 is 1" longer than my old 350 antec.

    PS: Nice and quiet
  16. So, you've got a WD6400AAKS, E7200, HD 4850, Antec 900, 22" monitor, and you're thinking of a 500W PSU. That's powerful enough (minimum recommendations 450W.)

    If your MB supports Crossfire, you should get something 550W or larger.

    Can you spend $20 more and get the PC Power & Cooling 610W? That's a tier 1 PSU (the smaller PC P&C's are tier 2), supports Crossfire, has a better chance to be reusable with your next PC or video card. At $60 with free shipping it's an incredible price.
  17. is that psu in normal savings or is it a pre black friday thing?
  18. No idea. It's normally sold around $90 at Newegg.
  19. hmmm....
    I dunno if I should rush to buy it, or just wait till I get everything else
  20. Decisions, decisions.... You can always get a decent PSU for $60. OK, it won't be a PC P&C, it will be a StealthXstream or Earthwatts. Those are still fine PSUs. You'll be OK either way. Flip a coin.
  21. I got my 610 on 9-21, no shipping 69 bones after $25 rebate.
    Still waiting (infamous OCZ rebate program....) You may want to read
    reviews. And if you go with PC Power & Cooling read the rebate requirements carefully.
  22. hmmm, well I think the deal is gone, so can someone find me a relatively good psu that can power my rig and have room for a bit of extra stuff?
  23. Corsair 650TX, $70

    That can handle your system even if you add a second HD 4850. It's just as good as the Silencer 610W. It's designed by the same people, in fact :)
  24. +1 for the Corsair TX650 - rock solid and very stable.
  25. thanks for the find, but does anyone know how hot it runs?
  26. Relax, man. It's a top quality PSU, it's not even close to the 1200W monsters other people have, and it will be in the Antec 900, one of the best cooled cases ever. You really won't have a problem there.
  27. k
    first build so im kinda worried
    Also, this seems to have lots of wires/wires are long
    any tips on wire management?
  28. I actually just bought this one:

    Someone above posted a link to the blue version.

    ~Death Dream~
  29. The PC P&C is still on sale, but now for $60! (after MIR). I bought it Saturday when it was $70 and got it today. Looks good, but I have quite a wait until building.
  30. see, now that makes me wonder
    is it normally that price, or is it just a sale?

    edit: it is a sale

    I hope to get it asap
    thanks for the help guys
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