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At this point in time is the 9800m GTX the best laptop graphics card? And is there anything coming out soon should make me wait on buying one?
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  1. no one knows?
  2. Does anyone at least have a laptop graphics card benchmark?
  3. You already posted this. Look at your other thread.
  4. I didn't get the answer I wanted... I posted again to get a better result
  5. Plus it just answers my first question. It's a great card but is there something else coming out that is better.
  6. And that's exactly what you don't do, aside from post in the wrong section. If you didn't get a good answer, wait a little while longer than an hour or whatever you waited.
  7. I thought you meant the one posted 2 days ago... As you can tell from the forum views of graphics cards and laptops there is a drastic number between the two. I posted twice for optimal answers...

    I have a question about laptop graphics cards. Both are in the correct fields and the TH TOA has nothing mentioned about asking the same question in two forums...
  8. They're posted one minute after another.
  9. currently i believe its top of the line, but i wouldn't wait there is always something better coming out. next thing u no ur waiting forever.

    Was not posted a minute apart... I thought you were talking about that one... If your going to bicker about my posts please dont read them
  11. Sorry. I just get annoyed really fast at people that do that, and I generally don't allow them to go quietly by.
  12. im just really excited to get a laptop and want quick answers... sorry to annoy you
  13. What machine are you getting?
  14. I don't know I wanted an alienware, but they are way to over-priced was thinking about the
    or the

    but was trying to see if i could save some money with some alternatives
  15. ibuypower machines are very bad - I've never heard a positive word about them. If you want help choosing a new notebook, go to the laptop section, open Maziar's sticky (right at the top) and fill that out in a new post. You'll get notebook config recommendations in no time.

    And alienware is a good choice to stay away from, yes.
  16. ok thanks

    I'll go there, but is there a place you recc. buying from?
  17. I recommend Sager notebooks - basically, they will offer you the same two notebooks you looked at (they're all from a company called Clevo - numerous companies sell them) - except Sager support is stellar and they use parts that stand up to time. A Sager machine will also likely be cheaper than that one you had there. You can also get Clevo machines from killernotebooks or xoticpc.
  18. holy crap xotipc is far by much cheaper thanks!
  19. the 9800M GTX is currently the top of the line single GPU on the market. It equals around the 8800 GT for desktop computers.

    I personally went with the 9700M GTS which performs very similarly to a 9600 GT and consumes alot less power than the 9800M GTX which means more gaming on the go.

    I have a 9700M GTS with 2.0 gig proc P7350, 4 gigs DDR3 320 gig 5400.

    All of the games Are MAX unless specified:

    AVG frames 40 in Crysis warhead (med) @ 1440x900 resolution.

    COD4 plays 60 fps @ 1440x900 resolution with 0x AA and 40 with 4x AA.

    Devil May Cry 4 40 fps @ 1440x900 resolution 8x AA

    Pure 40 fps @ 1440x900 resolution no AA option so I guess off

    GRID 45 fps@ 1440x900 resolution 4xAA

    these are just avgs I could see where the games top off the most:)
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