Do I need to "Format" my RAID 0 Boot drives?

So, I just set up a RAID 0 array with 2 120GB SSD drives on Win7... (based on some instructions starting here:

I installed Windows without a problem (and it didn't require me to use F6 to get the RAID drivers... I was a bit concerned about this - is this Win7 standard?)

The drive is recognized as the OS drive (single, striped 240GB volume)... but I was a bit confused about terminology...

Is what I did (setting up the RAID 0) considered "formatting" the drive? Do I still need to "format" the drive, or am I now ok? More generally... what does "format" mean if you DON'T want to create more than a single partition on the drive (which I don't)?

Any help much appreciated.
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    When you installed Windows, it formatted the whole 240 GB partition for you, so you're fine.
    Formatting is just setting the drive up to respond to a certain file system (in this case, NTFS).
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