New cpu cooler

im fighting a losing battle against dust :(

my 8800 gtx has been running ridiculously hot, so ive decided to remove the stock heatsink and get an hr-03 plus. im slightly afraid at the amount of dust im going to find inside it. while im at it, id like to replace my crappy stock intel cpu fan with something a little nicer. my criteria are:

1)cools better than stock
2)fits inside an antec 900 alongside the hr-03
3)mounts on a q6600 in an asus p5n32-e sli plus
4)as un-dusty as possible

right now its a tossup between a TRUE and a corsair h50. i'm thinking i would mount the TRUE so the fan blows upwards, and get the hr-03 as close to it as possible. the h50 would give dust less crevices to get in and would give me more room to mount a fan directly on the hr-03, but im a bit concerned about the rad sticking out too far and not being able to fit the hr-03 at all.

any ideas? thanks in advance :)
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  1. Here is a link to an excellent web site with useful information about cpu heatsinks:

    You can use the embedded search engine to find information about socket specific heatsinks.
  2. thanks for the reply. awesome site, was very helpful in narrowing down my choices. however, i already know that both of the heatsinks im looking at will work with a 775.

    i guess what im wondering is if anyone has had any experience getting either of these into an antec 900 with an hr-03 on their video card. and on the chance that someone is familiar with my mobo, whether or not the stock nb heatsink will interfere with mounting a TRUE. would also be nice if anyone knows how either of these will do in an excessively dusty environment. cant seem to find this sort of info on frostytech, so if anyone has any personal anecdotes, that would be awesome :)

    any other suggestions would be great too.
  3. You live with dust. Positive case pressure can help, the dust will collect on the fan filters more if you use them.

    Just have to dust more often.

    Rememeber a HR03 can be mounted on the front or back of GPUs I have done them both ways on a 8800GT before.
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