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Hello, whats the power cord voltage stuff for a external 1TB western digital my book power cord, I lost mine and want to use a different cord, but i need to know what voltage so i don't kill my HDD(like i did with my last)
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  1. Check the specs on the WD site:

    Electrical Specifications
    Current Requirements
    Power Dissipation
    AC Input Voltage 100-240 VAC
    AC Input Frequency 47-63 Hz
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    Unfortunately that tells you what goes INTO the power brick, now what comes out of it.

    I have an older, non-Powerbook WD external drive - it's power adapter says "+5V @ 2.2A and +12V @ 1.5A"

    The adapter has to supply the correct voltage and at least as many amps as the drive requires. Getting an adapter that can provide more amps won't cause a problem.
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