Is my power supply good enough

Hoping this is the right place for this, didnt know where else to put it.

anyway i started another thread in the gpu section for some advice on picking a new card (didnt get much attention there), and then i questioned if my power supply was good enough. I was looking to get either Evga core 216 superclocked edition, or the Bfg OC2E, probably the bfg tho. my question is whether my power supply, OCZ gameXstream 700w is good enough.

it has 4 12v rails at 18A each, not one huge 12v rail like some better psus. on bfg's site it says the card needs 38A on the 12v rails. is this enough since i have 72A over the four rails, or will it not work since 36A over two rails falls short? any advice is appriciated.

as i said i think im going with the Bfg bc i can get farcry2 for free and if the 55nm jazz comes out like is rumored i can use their trade up program. is my power supply ok? any objections to the card?

Evga: $245 (weekend special i think)
core: 626mhz
mem: 2106mhz

Bfg: $250 after $20 MIR
core: 630mhz
mem: 2126mhz
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  1. The ocz 700w should work fine. When you add all the 12v rails, you get 72 amps as you pointed out. It won't hurt to try it.
  2. alright cool thanks. anyone have a Bfg card that can say anything good/bad about them?
  3. BFG is Ok,had one before a 7600 gt oc ,no complaints,good thing FC2 is FREE not worth spending $$ on as you will see...:)
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