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Hey guys. I just have a quick question. I have a friend whos PC PSU just recently (I mean a few mins ago) went out. I was woundering just one thing, wanna be 100% sure first before I tell him what to do.

We need a new PSu. But here is what he has: A Quad FX system and 2 8800Ultras for SLI. His old PSU was a 1.1K but I was woundering if you guys think he could possibly get away with a 850 or 900W one. I would think so as long as he gets like a Thermaltake 80 Plus or so....
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  1. 850 should be more than enough. I'm running dual 4870 on a 620w - no issues at all.
  2. But do you have a Quad FX setup or just a dual/quad Intel/AMD?
  3. PCPower Silencer 750watt will do gtx sli
    Rock solid and a great PSU
    Also his PSU is prolly under warranty still unless it's some no name one.
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