2GB dual channel vs (theoretically) 4GB single channel on VISTA 32

CPU: Q6600 2.4ghz non-oc'd since my rig's an HP
Vid card: HD 2600XT 512MB
Memory: 2x1gb generic (came with HP)
OS: Vista 32
Use: Online gaming

It's boxing day and there's some cheapass 2gig memory stick up at futureshop. Should I get it or would the 2x1gb dual channel overpower the extra 1 gig. Since I'm running Vista 32, it won't be using all 4 gigs, more like 3 gigs. :fou: Take note of my specs and let me know if the 3 gig single-channel is better than the 2 gig dual-channel. I've an hour to make a decision, don't let me down THG. :bounce:

edit: you probably would suggest getting 2 of the cheapass memory sticks, but I don't want to do that.
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  1. Its not wise to mix memory.

    You dont want to but 2 of the 2gs, so your on your own. Maybe it will work, maybe it wont.
  2. If it works, is it faster? If it doesn't work, can I return it? It's KINGSTON which I heard is compatible with a lot. :o
  3. 4GB single will be slower than 2GB dual. Just bite the bullet and buy 2 of the cheap 2GB sticks and run 4GB dual (2x2), then maybe you can sell the old 2GB dual. Trying to take the easy/cheap way out and add a single 2GB stick to an existing 2x1GB dual channel setup is a bad idea.
  4. Single vs dual makes little difference in terms of game speed. Only synthetic benchmarks will show the bandwidth difference.

    3 gigs of single channel vs 2 gigs of dual in a game.

    Games like Just Cause 2 will run better with 3 gigs of single channel ram.

    Why? Ram hungry games activate the swap file which is super slow. That drags the entire system down to a crawl.

    4 gigs of dual channel would run a game maybe 2% faster than 4 gigs of single channel.

    If your on a budget just put 3 gigs in a win 32 bit system. The dual channel is nice but way over rated.
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