What PSU for 4870X2?? Confusion

Hi I am building a new PC. Basically i7 920, 4870X2, 4Gb DDR3. The problem is I need to upgrade my PSU. I looked on ATi's website for a list of suitable units however i'm confused. It has two categories 1 for single GPU's and 1 for crossfire GPU. As most people know the X2 is 2 gpu's on one card so does that mean I can choose from the single gpu category or do I need to look at the crossfire even though it is still only 1 card???

Does anyone have an X2, can you recommend a PSU for my needs?

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  1. Newegg.com has an ocz gamestream 700w sli certified power supply for only $49.99 after $40 rebate. Not as good as corsair or seasonic, but a great value. It should have all the connectors you will need.
  2. Thanks 01die i'll take a look.
  3. I have a similar system to what you say above. Core i7 with ATI 4870 x2. I am using a cooler master real power 850w PSU. It runs my PC perfectly in a Antec 1200 case with 3 hard drive and all fans connected.
    Here is a useful link to a site where you can work out the power requirements for what ever set up you feel like having.
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