High temps, please help

When just simply running Itunes my CPU temps are at 55-58c, I have 4 fans inside the case and my other temps dont exceed 38c, do you think I should replace my heatsink? When running a prime95 test my temps are over 60C. It is a xigmatek 120 mm rifle cpu cooler, is there a way of checking to see if that is running right?? Thanks everyone

case - Cooler Master Cosmos S
hd - WD Cavier 640 GB
hs - xigmatek 120mm Rifle
ram - OCZ platinum 4GB DDr2 1066
vc - Asus 4850
mb - Gigabyte GA x48 DS4
cpu - C2D e8500 wolfdale 3.16
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  1. I'd say a remount for sure. HDT coolers have a special way of applying Tpaste.

    What are you measuring temps with and what is your VID at? Using prime 95 small ffts to load it too?

    Thats a good heatsink, so it's not that probably.

    Remount, try again. If you gotta pull the mobo, so be it.
  2. I am using speedfan to measure the temps and I can check what my video card temp is and let you know what that is.... when I remount... use alcohol to remove the paste and then reapply, then simply remount the heatsink?
  3. Alcohol worked just fine for me for removing old paste, then follow the TIM application instructions found here:


    Make sure you have good TIM, it'll make about a 5C difference (did for me when switching to AS5)
  4. Try realtemp too
  5. It loooks like Real temp is saying my temps are 44 and 46 and that my distance to TJ MAx is 57 55(whats that mean).... However Speedfan is still saying 50C, once I buy some new paste I am gonna remount the heatsink hopefully that will lower the temp. I mean my comp is idle I dont think the temp should be that high
  6. Okay. TJmax is the high limit, think yours is 85C. Thats when the smoke will come out pretty much. Keep it in the high 60's max for long life when stressing the chip.

    If you run prime for 30 min and your Realtemp is only in the high 40's or even 50's your fine. Speedfan is nice, but you need to calibrate it. You can calibrate realtemp too. HW monitor is another nice temp proggy.

    BTW, you might want to read up on realtemp and how it works.

    You could have stuck sensors for idle on that chip, your wouldn't be the first.

    Find Computronix's input on TJmax here, he posts it quite a bit.
  7. Being a 45nm chip, Tj Max is most likely closer to 95-100C. It's still all best guess without serious testing.
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