Why does my core speed go down when overclocking?

so i am having this problem with overclocking my cpu, amd athlon x2 kuma 7850 black edition on an ECS GF8200A motherboard, my problem is that when i go to the multiplier and step it up by .5 x, i.e. it says 8.0x1600 then 8.5x1700 and so on, the bios wont let me change the bus frequency so really its like 8x200mhz to get 1600 MHz per core. but when i turn off the ability to overclock in the bios it goes back to the stock speed of 2800 MHz per core. i dont know what to do please help.
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  1. The default 2.8Ghz would be a multiplier of 14, if you set it to anything lower of course you'll have a lower clock speed.
  2. What do you mean by "turn off the ability to overclock in the bios"????

    Once you make any changes in the bios you have to hit F10 and save the settings... Also make sure you have "Cool n Quiet" disabled if you are overclocking....
  3. in my motherboards bios setting it has an option to disable the ability to overclock. and to the other guy when i set it to 14x it overheats and causes my computer to turn off. but how would i go about turning off cool n quiet?
    also when overclocking ability is disable the cpu goes to stock speeds
  4. Well you should see a value in the bios that says Cool n Quite....

    Can you post a screen shot of you temps?
  5. yeah i can do you want before and after shots or what?
  6. yea whatever you have....

    I will try to look for pics of your Bios.....
  7. brand: Elite Group (ECS) Model: GF8200A Black Series version 1.0

    i dont have access to a camera tonite so you can look into it if you want.

    truth is i just built this computer over the summer and my friends are envious and need less to say i am tech support for them. also overclocking is just something i have wanted to know how to do for a while now
  8. Look at this screen :


    under HT Frequency you have "AMD C&Q"
  9. ahh... i see

    will disabling cool & quiet allow for easier overclocking? or less heat when attempting to overclock?
  10. yes, it disables the CPU's ability to down-clock when PC is "idle" .... it has nothing to do with the heat.

    Once you have done that try raising the CPU multiplier to x15 (3000Mhz) , you should be able to hit 3Ghz easy....

  11. hey thanks man. at what point should i start increasing voltage and NB speed?
  12. After 3.1Ghz you can start raising the CPU voltage in increments of .5 , but first make sure you are stable at 3Ghz before you start raising the voltages. Try running prime 95 and monitor your temps.
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