Overclocking pentium E5200 wolfdale help

Hi guys, :hello: i recently just finished my first pc build and am looking to overclock my cpu for the first time. ive read up on overclocking for the past few days and am still a bit confused/overwhelmed on the whole process. if anyone could perhaps give me a quick non-detailed step by step or just advice/settings on overclocking this specific cpu i would appreciate it alot. :bounce:

Im looking for a 24/7 stable oc at least 3.5ghz
Right now i currently have the stock heatsink but will be buying a freezer 7 soon
its going to be in an antec nine hundred case so hopefully it will run pretty cold

ASRock G41M-S Motherboard

GeIL 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 1066 SDRAM

Intel Pentium E5200 Wolfdale 2.5GHz Dual core CPU

XFX Radeon HD 5770 (Juniper XT) 1GB

ntec EarthWatts EA650 650W
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  1. This should be your first stop.
    HOWTO: Overclock C2Q (Quads) and C2D (Duals) - Guide v1.6.1

    This should be your second stop. You need to know something about thermal management or you can fry your CPU. It's actually kind of difficult to fry a modern CPU, but it is possible.
    Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide

    Third stop will be a guide for your particular motherboard. Google is your friend.

    For anything higher than about 3.0 GHz, you will need better cooling. Here are two under $50 heatsinks that are pretty popular:
    Xigmatec Dark Knight (I have two of these)

    They both require a somewhat different approach to applying thermal compound.
    Suggestions for applying thermal compound:

    And they are pretty large, so they might not fit inside your case.

    And here's a good budget cooler:
    I have one of these.

    Go through the first two threads. Do not do anything until you have a good idea about what you are trying to do. Once you have definite questions (you will, you will :)), come back and ask.

    Keep in mind that these are guides, not cookbooks. YMMV. Your Mileage May Vary. Because of all the variables, you may not do as well as someone else with a similar system. Or you might do better.
    The above is my semi-standard set of links for overclocking a Core2 CPU.

    Some different recommendations:
    Gigabyte GA-G41-ES2L I know this is a pretty good overclocker.

    HSF: the one you chose is my choice for a budget cooler. The first two choices are way better.

    RAM: Save your money. You do not need anything better than DDR2-800. Stock, the E5200 has a 12.5 internal multiplier and a 200 MHz FSB freq. That theoretically means that you need to run an FSB of 400 MHz to use the the maximum capacity of DDR2-800 RAM. That equals a core speed of 5 GHz and that ain't gonna happen.

    As it happens, I have an E5200 running in a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3P at 3.78 GHz (315 MHz X 12).

    Overclocking since 1978 - Z80 (TRS-80) from 1.77 MHz to 2.01 MHz
  2. Heh, what else is there to say :)

    Maybe Shadow`s gigabyte OC guide, might help you understand the bios functions better - http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/page-245679_11_0.html
  3. thank you very much for that post. yeah i am definitely not going to do anything until i am 100 percent sure on what to do. research time!!
  4. Well, the nice thing about using an E5200 is that if you overdo it, you haven't lost much.
  5. ^^ agreed lol. even though you insult my cpu :p well after reading everything you provided i went and did a small overclock to 3.06ghz by 245Mhz 12.5x multi. auto voltage on everything still. and havent touched anything for the ram. stock heatsink w/pre applied thermal compound

    my question is what should my temps be? what is considered acceptable and what is the danger zone?

    currently idles at 36-40C according to cpuz, coretemp, hwmonitor, and 28-30C in bios. (speedstep is enabled so at idle it runs 1.5ghz 6x multi)

    stress tested at 3.06ghz with prime95 for 25 mins no errors.
    temps rose to 65C within 4 minutes and stayed there the whole time. actually dropped a few degrees near the end. 1.1v idle, 1.240v load

    is this on the hot side?

    also my ram (all auto settings in bios) is currently at 5-5-5-13 408Mhz 3:5 ratio 1.8v. any advice on settings?
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