Vista - DVDRW Drive will not read discs

I have been working on my neighbors computer for a few hours and still haven't found anything conclusive.

Windows see's the drive. You can put a CD/DVD into the drive and it will spin up. Nothing will autorun nor will it even show a CD/DVD in the drive. If you right click and try explorer it locks the computer up till you eject the disc.

So I restarted and tried to boot to a CD. Works like a charm. Figured it was an OS issue now. Did some research changed some policy info for a windows update that caused this problem. No go. Cleared upper and lower filters no go. Due to some other issues with the computer, no internet, slow as all get out, etc I just did a factory restore.

It's a Compaq so I pushed F11 and got the restore underway. 10 minutes later everything is newly installed. Computer is faster now, have internet ,etc. CD/DVD drive does the same thing. I even tried updating the driver for it and it just hangs. So I switch out the CD/DVD drive with a spare. Same thing. So now I am thinking its a hardware issues. Possibly a controller issue etc? However, I can still boot to the drive.

Anyone have any ideas? This is an IDE drive. I do have a SATA drive I can try just need to get a power adapter for it.

Thanks for any ideas in advance,
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  1. Do a bios update if there is one.
  2. Try hooking up to a different IDE port.
  3. How would a BIOS update help the situation? This CDROM/DVD drive worked with the current BIOS revision. Also there isn't another IDE connection available. It has 2 SATA ports and 1 IDE. I have the day off today so I'm going to try and find a molex to sata power adapter and try a sata drive.
  4. I guess trying a firmware update wouldn't hurt either.
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