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Hi there everyone,

I have just purchased a new laptop Acer 8735G, and it has 2 320GB hard disk drives, and currently shows as HDD Acer (C:) (this also has the hidden recovery data partition on it.) and Data_2 (D:).
I am running windows 7 home premium 64 bit, what I would like to do is hopefully use both drives as 1 so instead of 2 seperate hdd showing in my computer have one, showing eg 600GB free, is this possible?
I have tried to do some web searching via google and have read about raid but Im still none the wiser, I have had a look in my bios and all I can see is IDE/AHCI (I think) its currently on AHCI.
I do not want to lose any data, especially the recovery partition that is hidden.
Hope this make sense and I look forward to a reply soon.
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  1. Oh p.s. This laptop definately has 2 HDDs it is not just one being partitioned a certain way.
  2. On a desktop, you could do something called RAID 0 or concatenation, but it doesn't sound like your laptop has a RAID controller.
    If it did, you would see a RAID option in your BIOS that you could set it to.
  3. You can usually do disk spanning but you have to do this with empty drives. As far as I know you can't span the system drive after the os is installed.
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