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I am currently building another computer and I am having a really hard time choosing a Mobo. I am putting in 2x 8800gt OC and a Q6600 Quad, but I can't decide on a motherboard more built for overclocking the quad or utilizing the SLI. I'm also sticking with DDR2 due to the price range of the DDR3.I've had suggestions like the EVGA 780i, but personally I know EVGA makes amazing cards but I don't know about their mobos. So basically my 2 questions are

Which memory would be better for Overclocking and SLI DDR2 800 or 1066+?
What motherboard would allow SLI and overclocking the Quad? (suggestions)
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  1. Because you are using DDR2, you're pretty much limited to either 780i or 750i motherboards.

    EVGA has good motherboards in the FTW series. 780i FTW or 750i FTW.
  2. put it this way they are all good (if they will ever work) but if you don't have moneyies for I7 and don't feel like changing everything...again than you will have to get one... I agree EVGA, XFX do some good boareds if the chipset don't fail them, and so does asus but they all suffer from the same problem pretty much.

    I would go for the 780i myself. if I didn't have the money for I7 but I m happy with AMD GPU :P
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